Best Used Trucks: Which Used Trucks Are the Most Reliable?

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Best Used Trucks: Which Used Trucks Are the Most Reliable?
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What Are the Best Used Pickup Truck Models in Phoenix, Arizona

Best Used Ford Pickup Trucks

Used 2008 Ford F-150

With a top overall reliability score from J.D. Power & Associates, the 2008 Ford F-150, is our choice for top all-around used pickup truck in Arizona. This truck brings a smooth ride, medium towing ability, spacious interior, and is a great work truck for phoenix area construction workers and anyone who is hauling small to medium sized loads on a daily basis.

Used 2008 Ford F150 models don’t have to worry about recall alerts; there is only 1 recall alert in the 2008 Ford F150 models, and that only effects models that have been converted to propane engines. You can expect to find used Ford F150 pickups for 2018 model-year in the $5,492 – $14,186 range.

Used 2009 Ford Ranger

With a 5/5 reliability score from J.D. Power & Associates, the 2009 Ford Ranger series is available in regular cab and “supercab” editions, and offers a great option as a used pickup truck for those that are looking for a pickup for off-roading and everyday highway use – as opposed to a truck for towing.

2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac | Source:

2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac | Source:

Used 2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

A hybrid SUV-Truck style, the Sport Trac really does offer SUV lovers what they love about SUVs, with the extended utility abilities of a medium sized pickup. With a 4/5 safety rating from .D. Power & Associates, it is also the safe choice for families. Dependability is high, and the towing capacity is great, but remember that this is a truck at heart, and therefore could be a lower fuel economy than you might expect from a crossover. 2008 year is our pick for the best model-year, yet any year in the truck’s 2007-2010 run is worth considering.

Best Used GMC Pickup Trucks

A good GMC Used pickup is highly sought after in the Arizona market. Dependable, tough, well-built, they are the used pickup of choice for farmers, construction workers, and small business owners that need hauling and towing capacity.

Used 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 for Sale in Arizona

GMC Sierra 1500 | Source:

Used GMC Sierra 1500 Models

Used GMC Sierra pickups are available in the years 1990 through 2018, and no matter the year of manufacture, these used pickup trucks are highly recommended.

Those that work in construction and agriculture – in search of used pickups for sale in Apache Junction, AZ – can find a heavy duty and dependable solution with the GMC Sierra 1500. While we like any of the 2000s model GMC Sierra pickups as a used pickup truck option, there are several year-models that are particularly sought after:

  • Used 2010 Sierra 1500 SLE – Better Fuel Economy, USB Connectivity, Side-Curtain and Seat Mounted Airbags.
  • Used 2010 Sierra 1500 SLT – Better Fuel Economy, USB Connectivity, Side-Curtain and Seat Mounted Airbags.
  • Used 2004 Sierra 1500 – Work truck packages introduced on all Sierra vehicles, Stronger V8 Engines, Increased Bed Size.
  • Used 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 – 325 horsepower dependable workhorse, comfortable interior, great used truck price.
Used 2012 Honda Ridgeline for Sale in Arizona

2012 Honda Ridgeline | Source:

Best Used Honda Pickup Trucks

While the early models of Honda pickups had a hard time gathering a following, by 2012 it was evident that the dependability, that Honda has long been known for, carried over perfectly to their truck models. The Honda Ridgeline has been voted best used pickup truck over and over again, and we are proud to put this series of trucks on our list of best used trucks for Arizona residents.

Used 2012 Honda Ridgeline

In 2012, a new grill design and aerodynamic improvements brought the Ridgeline series cemented Honda as a strong competitor in the truck market. Comparable to Chevy’s Avalanche series, the Ridgeline is a great option for a light-to-medium workload work truck, features a dent-resistant bed, and its roominess and comfortability is a big step up from previous years. Versatility and comfort complete the package, and the additional storage capabilities make the 2012 Honda Ridgeline a great urban truck for Arizona customers.

Used Truck Dealership and Financing in Phoenix, Arizona

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