Polyester Drawstring Backpack with All-Over Print

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Everyone seems to be wearing a drawstring backpack to the gym, to class, or to a tailgating party. Speaking of tailgating, a cool way to tote around needed accessories would be to use a durable backpack that features a classic car symbol.

Some things are timeless, such as the backpack and classic cars. Once upon a time, before the digital age, people actually needed backpacks to carry books. Now, there’s little need to carry around books, but there’s plenty of ways to use this stylish drawstring backpack.

You don’t need to be a certain age to be a classic car lover. So many people enjoy classic cars due to the memories and commitment to design. So many older models are hardly seen on the road these days. But, plenty of people will park their eyes on this all-over print drawstring backpack. As if printing it once would be enough; this bag lets everyone know about your commitment to classic cars.

• Bag size 15”x17”
• Maximum weight limit – 33lbs (15kg)
• Twin cotton handles
• Drawstring closure
• 100% spun polyester fabric


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