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About Alice Trellakis

Alice Trellakis is a 26-year-old University of Illinois alumni residing in Chicagoland. She has carved a successful career as a digital advertising saleswoman at Google, where she thrives on utilizing her strategic mindset and passion for technology to drive impactful results for clients. With her deep knowledge of the digital landscape and keen understanding of market trends, Alice has consistently exceeded expectations and achieved exceptional sales growth. Outside of her professional pursuits, Alice is also an influential figure in the fitness community. Her Instagram page, with a dedicated focus on fitness content, has amassed an impressive following of 354K followers. Through her posts and stories, Alice shares her fitness journey, offering tips, workout routines, and motivational content to inspire and empower her audience. Her genuine passion for health and wellness shines through her engaging and relatable posts, making her a trusted voice in the online fitness sphere. In addition to her accomplishments, Alice also boasts six years of writing experience as an author, collaborating with a diverse range of digital brands. Through her compelling and engaging writing style, she has effectively conveyed brand stories, developed captivating content, and strengthened brand presence across various digital platforms. Alice's passion for writing, combined with her expertise in digital advertising and fitness, has allowed her to establish a unique and multifaceted professional portfolio. Whether she is working as a digital advertising saleswoman at Google or creating captivating content as an author, Alice continues to showcase her versatility, talent, and commitment to delivering exceptional results in every endeavor she undertakes.