What’s in a Name? Selecting the Best Car Names for Your Vehicle

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Selecting the Best Car Names for Your Vehicle
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There is a lot of excitement involved when you’re purchasing a vehicle. You look forward to having a smoother ride, new gadgets and accessories, and especially that new car smell. You are also presented with the unique opportunity to name your car.

There is something about the way a car looks that makes us gravitate towards one versus another. The unique personality of a vehicle often comes out through its “face” and body. Car designers understand this, which is why we often see trucks and sports cars with a meaner, more aggressive front end, while SUVs and family vehicles tend to have a softer, friendlier look. In the end, all this personification inspires many people to name their cars.

How to Select Your Car Nickname

Determining the best name for your car may seem frivolous to some, but it can be one of the most fun steps of owning a new vehicle. It can also help you form a bond with your vehicle and with others around you—especially if it’s a family car and you get the kids involved in the process. Use these considerations to help you generate the perfect name for your car.

Consider Your Make and Model

One wonderful place to start is your car’s make and model. Different cars have different aesthetics, just like people. While we don’t get to choose our name based on our looks and personalities as adults, buying a vehicle gives us a chance to match a name to an image. As a result, you have the opportunity to consider several different traits that match your vehicle, such as age, size, sound, and unique features.

You can start by considering names that seem to fit the build and physical appearance of your car. Trucks, for example, are naturally large, heavy, and designed for tough jobs and towing bulky items. As if you were naming a big, bulky guy, you might choose something with a beefy ring to it, like Chad or Tony. If you are driving a popular, sporty car, you might expect something peppy and cheerleader-esque like Stacy or Tiffany. Similarly, Bertha or Elvira should be reserved for a big, boat-like Cadillac or a black hot rod, respectively.

Consider Your Use of the Car

Consider Your Use of the Car

If you want to create a name that goes beyond the appearance of your car, you can also use typical activities you plan on doing in your car to determine a fitting name. Do you plan on using your car for off-road adventures, traveling across the country, getting to work, hauling band equipment, hunting trips, or something else entirely? Whatever your vehicle is used for could help spark an idea for the perfect name.

If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors, and you know you’ll be using your vehicle to go camping, you might consider names like “Firestarter” or “Stargazer.” If you are often using your vehicle to carpool children to sporting events, you could go full soccer mom and name it after their team mascot. Fictional character names are also a popular option. If you are someone who owns a particularly adventurous vehicle. you may want to call it “Lara Croft” or “Indiana Jones.” As you can see, what your vehicle is used for on a day-to-day basis can help lead you to the perfect name.

Consider the Color of Your Car

The color of your car can inspire hundreds of different names. A green SUV could be “The Hulk” or “Shrek.” A red car could be called “Gryffindor,” while a yellow car could be “Hufflepuff.” Consider looking up the names of colors in different languages for interesting starting points, as well. There is no shortage of options that are creative and can match the color and aesthetic of your vehicle.

Consider Choosing a Gendered Name

Many individuals choose to assign a gender to their vehicles, which can greatly influence your list of name options. Girl names for cars are the more historical route, but car names for boys are just as popular today. Some great female names include “Peggy,” “Tinkerbelle,” “Eve,” “Molly,” “Kia,” “Heather,” “Dorothy,” and “Lola.” Common male names include “Billy Bob,” “Rocky,” “Popeye,” “Tarzan,” “Romeo,” “Royce,” and “Xerxes.”  Assigning a gender also provides additional nickname options outside of your car’s primary name such as “Baby Girl, “Princess,” “Prince,” “Big Boy,” and “Little Missy.”

Consider Your Own Personality

Since your car is an extension of you, you should also think of your own unique personality. If you are more of a quiet, introverted, or laid-back person, you can find a mellow, softer name that fits your vibe. Conversely, choose a name that speaks to your loud and boisterous style. If you are someone who likes to take it slow, you might not want to name your car “Lightning” or “Speed Racer” (unless, of course, your personal style is hilarious and ironic).

Select the Best Car Name With Our List of Options

If you are having a tough time determining names on your own, or you’re worried about picking something too generic, we can help. We’ve compiled this list of some of the best car names out there based on color, speed, humor, and fictional characters.

Names by Color

The color of your vehicle is often the simplest place to start if you’re really stuck. Think of famous characters that wear that color, or look to animals, gems, and other natural phenomena associated with that color.

For black vehicles you may want to consider:
Black Sports Car 

  • Black Mamba
  • Black Beauty
  • Black Stallion
  • Crow
  • Dark Knight
  • Grimm
  • Midnight
  • Black Cat
  • Nightmare
  • Vader

For white vehicles you could consider:
White Sports Car 

  • Frosty
  • Moby Dick
  • Marshmallow
  • Polar Bear
  • White Rabbit
  • Ghost
  • Fang
  • Casper
  • Snow White
  • Diamond
  • Powder

For gray or silver vehicles, you can choose names such as:
Chrome Sports Car

  • Iron Man
  • Silver Fox
  • Gray Ghost
  • Invincible
  • Dorian
  • Ash
  • Magneto
  • Spector
  • Grayson
  • Raiden
  • Storm
  • Silver Dagger
  •   Quicksilver

For red or orange vehicles, some of the most popular names include:
Classic American Sports Car Red

  • Rose
  • Ruby
  • Ferris Bueller
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Phoenix
  • Blazing Saddles
  • Red Wine
  • Scarlet
  • Ginger
  • Fireball
  • Clifford
  • Chucky
  • Weasley
  • Ladybug

Typical names for green vehicles include:
Names for a Green Vehicle

  • Godzilla
  • Alien
  • Booger
  • Frogger
  • Poison Ivy
  • Yoshi
  • Kermit
  • Mike Wazowski
  • Gumby

Blue vehicle names that continue to stay popular include:
Classic American Car in Blue

  • Baby
  • Blue Velvet
  • Crush
  • Dolphin
  • Sky
  • Sonic
  • Thunder
  • Ice
  • Freeze
  • Grover
  • Dory
  • Smurf
  • Ice Cube

Fast Cars

Tokyo night race in an oldtimer sportscar 

The speed of your vehicle can also help to determine the best name selection. Both slower and faster cars can benefit from unique names that represent what they are capable of when on the open road. Some of the best car names for fast cars include:

  • Addict
  • McQueen
  • Knockout
  • Speed
  • Flash
  • Race Machine
  • Bullet
  • Zinger
  • Quickster
  • Scorch
  • Sonic
  • Blink

Funny Car Names

Naming your car doesn’t have to be serious business. You can play around with puns and funny names that are sure to get a laugh every time you mention your car. And, let’s face it, some cars just NEED a funny name. 
Funny Car Names

Funny car name options include:

  • Beast
  • Bone Crusher
  • The Crypt
  • The Hammer
  • Truckenstein
  • Jellybean
  • Bonbon
  • Gummy Bear
  • Antique
  • Betty White
  • Last Legs
  • Ol’ Betsy

Fictional Characters

Ideas for naming your car 

You can find tons of inspiration from your favorite video game, TV, movie, or book characters. You can choose a name that matches the physical description or personality traits. You can also draw inspiration from historical figures and mythology. Whether real or make-believe, you can find the perfect name inspired by something important in your life.

Names inspired by Harry Potter include:

  • Harry Potter
  • Ron
  • Hermione
  • Snape
  • Mad-Eye
  • Dumbledore
  • Hagrid
  • Minerva
  • Luna
  • Bellatrix
  • Draco

Names inspired by Lord of the Rings include:

  • Frodo
  • Samwise
  • Sméagol or Gollum
  • Legolas
  • Gandalf
  • Aragorn
  • Precious
  • Gimli

You can also choose from names inspired by Superheroes and Villains such as:

  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Wolverine
  • Bane
  • Black Widow
  • Rocket
  • Thor
  • Mystique

The list of fictional characters can go on and on. It all depends on your personal interests and the stories you find yourself drawn to the most.

Test Your Name Options

One perk of naming a car that you don’t usually get with a human baby is the ability to “test drive” your name options. You can create a list of your top names and try using each one.

Does it fit? Does it make sense? Does your car seem to like it? Do you feel silly or smooth referring to your car by its name? If the fit isn’t quite right, you can always move on to the next name on your list to find the best option for you and your vehicle.

Let the Car Enthusiast in You Shine

So, what have we learned? It’s not only the exterior and the engine that make a car, but also the name. Cars are supposed to be fun and exciting, and naming your car to reflect those emotions will make choosing one much easier. 

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to naming a car, however, some people take their time to come up with the perfect moniker, while others decide quickly and move on. Don’t stress about it too much though, if you do make a “mistake” naming your vehicle, who’s going to know but you? The important thing is that you’re happy, and you can get behind the wheel with some confidence.

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