How Reliable Are Used Hyundai Vehicles? Mesa Pre-Owned Hyundai

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How Reliable are Used Hyundai Vehicles? Mesa Pre-Owned Hyundai
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If you’re considering purchasing a new vehicle, why not look at a used Hyundai in Mesa, AZ? Red Mountain funding has used cars in Phoenix and several used Hyundai models are available. Any of the Hyundai dealers in Mesa will report the brand’s track record for reliability and fantastic value. Hyundai is the fourth-largest vehicle manufacturer in the world and the top manufacturer in South Korea. The brand has received several awards for reliability over the past few years, and anyone considering a new car should evaluate the potential value of a Hyundai. Mesa, AZ drivers need reliable cars that can perform in a tough climate.

Hyundai Consumer Report Scores

There are various data points used to determine the value and reliability of a particular type of car. Anyone shopping for used cars in Mesa, AZ should know these scores before purchasing a vehicle. The two main factors in scoring cars’ reliability are repair frequency and overall cost of repair. “Repair frequency” refers to how often a particular type of car requires repairs based on data gathered from vehicle manufacturers and auto repair centers. The overall cost of repair assesses how expensive each repair case is to determine an average cost of a repair.

Reliability Of Hyundai Models

The reliability scores of Hyundai vehicles are even more impressive when you consider individual models instead of just the brand. The Hyundai i10 ranked fourth in ReliabilityIndex’s list of the top 100 most reliable vehicles available with an overall reliability score of 10 and very low average repair costs. The i30 also boasts impressive ReliabilityIndex scores, placing 24th in the top 100 with a reliability score of 27. The lower the score the better, so the i30 isn’t on par with the i10 but still offers tremendous value. The Hyundai Tucson is a compact SUV with an admirable reliability score of 72. While not as impressive as the i30 or i10 scores, the repair frequency for the Tucson is extraordinarily low with only 9% of owners reporting problems with their Tucson’s once or more.

Long-Term Cost Of Ownership

Hyundai vehicles feature sturdy construction, rugged parts, and design features intended to keep them running better for longer. Hyundai also offers one of the best manufacturer’s warranties on the market: five years with unlimited mileage. While other manufacturers will only honor a warranty for a limited amount of mileage or for fewer years, Hyundai provides owners with greater peace of mind and confidence when purchasing. The industry average for manufacturers’ warranties on vehicles is three years or up to 60,000 miles.

Whenever you purchase a car, you need to take the initial purchase price as well as the long-term cost of ownership into account. This includes warranty coverage, insurance, fuel, and possible repairs. A big reason why Hyundai inspires so much buyer confidence is the low cost of repairs and low frequency of repairs. This means a Hyundai is less likely to need repairs as often as most other brands, and when a Hyundai does need a repair, it will cost much less than most other brands.

Resale Value

The car makes that inspires confidence in new purchases will also spur used sales. Thanks to Hyundai’s stellar reputation for reliability, a used Hyundai in Mesa, AZ is a much more comfortable choice for buyers concerned about quality and cost of ownership. If you’re shopping in East Valley, used cars can be a fantastic choice if you can find a reputable dealer stocked with certified pre-owned Hyundais. Hyundai cars are generally less expensive than most other makes, so used models offer tremendous value. A used Hyundai will likely receive a tune-up and full inspection before sale, so buyers shouldn’t have to worry about any surprise repairs shortly after purchase.

Hyundai Models Available Now From Red Mountain Funding

Red Mountain Funding has a great reputation when it comes to financing in Arizona, and we also boast an impressive stock of used Hyundai vehicles available for purchase. Our most expensive available model at the moment is a silver 2006 Hyundai Sonata GL FWD sedan for $6,995. We also have a white 2006 Hyundai Sonata GLS FWD sedan and silver 2006 Hyundai Sonata FWD sedan, both priced at $5,995. Our least expensive Hyundai model available at the moment is a 2008 Elantra FWD sedan priced at $4,995. Considering the fantastic cost of ownership over time, these are incredible prices for some of the most reliable used cars. Phoenix drivers and drivers from all over Arizona can expect fair pricing, flexible financing, and stellar customer service when they come to Red Mountain Funding.

Why Choose Pre-Owned?

You may wonder why you should opt for a used car in lieu of a new vehicle. While there are some advantages to buying new, such as manufacturer warranty coverage and low likelihood of necessary repairs, used cars can offer great value at a much more manageable price. Red Mountain Funding works with customers to find financing options they can afford. New cars are more expensive, and people who have had credit trouble in the past may not qualify for financing on newer, more expensive vehicles.

Visit Red Mountain Funding today to learn more about our available financing options. We want to help you find financing for a car you love and our customer service agents are dedicated to making sure you leave happy. Come and see how we can help you finance pre-owned cars from any East Valley used car dealers.

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