Creative Ways to Get More Storage in Your Truck

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Creative Ways to Get More Storage in Your Truck
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Trucks are the best way to haul your possessions, lend a hand, or take an adventure. Americans love our pickup trucks because they’re the perfect union between freedom and utility. And what’s better is that you can customize your truck to suit your needs with endless possibilities. When you need to bring enough for the entire family, you’re moving, or you just need some extra space, there are many options for expanding the capacity of your truck.

Deciding how to plan and organize your truck’s storage space might seem like a difficult riddle to solve, but with the right solutions, you’ll be well-organized and ready to go in no time. Consider the following creative ways to get more storage space in your truck.

Truck Interior Storage Ideas

The inside of your truck can be improved to help you carry more items. You can accomplish this while keeping them easily accessible while driving and bringing more items with you when you set off for a new adventure.

When you need to store your items in the interior of the truck, here are some ideas:

Cab Organizers

compact organizational units
Many different companies sell cab organizers with multiple pockets for keeping tools and other items from being tossed onto the floor. Most hook in right behind the front seats for easy access. Consider compact organizational units that fit under the seats of your truck to offer some additional storage space. They can hold most small to medium items and are made of a durable and heavy-duty material that can last for many years down the road.

Start Shopping: Cab Organizers

Console Storage

Console Storage
Console storage also helps keep your items in reach and organized. Some lock into the console and give you extra cups and spaces for your keys, wallets, and other belongings. You can also consider console safes made of durable steel to protect your valuables. These safes insert safely and securely into the center console and can keep your items hidden from even the most determined of intruders.

Start Shopping: Console Storage

Storage Nets

Storage Nets
Truck storage nets can be attached between the back and front seats for specific items that you know you will need during a drive. Easily accessed from either front seat, you can keep snacks, gear, tools, and more next to you so you can access them at any time. You can also purchase nets for your truck bed.

Start Shopping: Storage Nets

Truck Bed Storage

Truck beds work wonderfully for moving items of all sizes from place to place, but there is always more you can do to expand your truck’s storage capacity to fit your needs.

Bed Extenders

Bed Extenders

Bed extenders hook into the back of the truck bed to expand your truck bed and lengthen it to better fit your possessions. They come with a secure extension to keep from dropping any of your cargo.

Start Shopping: Bed Extenders

Truck Bed Covers

Truck Bed Covers

Truck bed covers help keep your cargo safe and secured. Don’t go without one! A tonneau cover is an optimal choice because it protects the top of your truck bed. If you decide to go with a soft tonneau cover, you can choose from vinyl materials. Hard tonneau covers are made from aluminum, fiberglass, or hard plastics. Both options of truck bed covers will keep your truck bed protected and also help create a usable space at the wheel well that can hold additional items.

Be sure to purchase a truck bed cover that is specific to your truck make, year, and model to ensure the correct fit. Quality truck bed covers are built with durable, waterproof materials to last for a thousand rides.

Start Shopping: Bed Covers

Cargo Bags

Cargo Bags

Cargo bags and nets attach to the front of the truck bed and can hold smaller items out of the way of the main truck bed. They also hold these items so that they won’t shift during your travels.

Start Shopping: Cargo Bags

Cargo Bars

Cargo Bars

Cargo bars attach anywhere within the truck bed and help organize your things and keep them from falling out or moving around during your drives. Sliding items can damage your truck bed and cargo bars can prevent that from happening.

Start Shopping: Cargo Bars

Overhead Truck Racks

Overhead Truck Racks

Overhead truck racks install easily and can help further organize and secure items in your truck bed. They can be used to ensure that larger and taller items don’t shift or fall out of the truck bed. The rack can also be used to store items over the truck bed and leave the bed itself for other items.

Start Shopping: Overhead Truck Racks

Truck Drawers

Truck Drawers

Truck drawers add an additional layer of both space and organization to your truck bed. Many are customizable for your needs and roll out of the truck bed to extend the length of your cargo hold. Items can be stored within the drawer as well and give you a safe and secure space for your items, keeping them from scratching your truck bed.

Start Shopping: Truck Drawers

Truck Bed Organizer DIY

There are many different hacks and tricks for expanding or organizing a truck bed that you can possibly even build yourself. Installing your own expansion or organizational system for your truck can be both easy and budget friendly.

Sliding Drawers

Sliding Drawers

Image Credit : Your Projects@OBN

Sliding drawers can be installed in the back of a truck bed to expand the length and capacity of your truck. By simply laying the sliding drawer in the back of the truck, you can pull out the drawer whenever you need the extra length or space for additional cargo.

Bed Slides

Bed Slides

Image Credit : Ford Truck Enthusiasts

Bed slides can be constructed out of simple plywood and placed in the bed to extend the truck bed to whatever specifications you may need. This option is also highly customizable; if you need it wider or if you need it to slide in and out of the truck bed, you can easily construct it accordingly.

Wood Planks

Wood Planks

Image Credit : Colorado Fans

Simple wood planks can be cut and added to the truck bed as bed dividers. These can help you organize your cargo and keep it from sliding. You can experiment with different plank configurations to ensure that you have the proper amount of space and the correct system for organization.

Truck Bed Organizer Ideas

Organizing your truck bed is the best way to ensure that you minimize any damage done to the bed of your truck. It also helps you keep track and keep your truck bed clean. Here are some fun and easy ideas for keeping your truck bed organized.

Tie-Down Racks

Tie-Down Racks

Tie-down tracks can be installed on the bottom of your truck to make it much easier to adjust your truck bed. They also help you tie down and secure any size item. Tie-down racks give you a place within the bed to secure your items without risking damage to the body of the truck. A tie-down track makes it simple to tie down any size item without having to hook it to the truck chassis.

Start Shopping: Tie-Down Racks

Truck Bed Ramps

Tie-Down Racks

Truck bed ramps are easily transported and can be used to bring ATVs, motorcycles, and more along with you anywhere you go. Utilizing these ramps can help you avoid potential damage to the truck or to yourself.

Start Shopping: Truck Bed Ramps

Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

If fitting all of your items is essential before you embark on an adventure, consider a hanging basket. You can secure a hanging basket off the back of the truck bed for smaller items that can be held in the back if you need the additional space.

Start Shopping: Hanging Baskets

Truck Storage Boxes or Pockets

Truck Storage Boxes

A truck storage box is one of the best ways to both organize your truck bed and simultaneously increase your carrying capacity, and there are many options available. Choose from many different sizes; there are options with low profiles and those that stick out higher from the truck bed sides.

These are boxes built specifically to fit into your truck bed, and some are designed to hold your tools so that they stay secure during your travels. If you’re looking for the best storage box for truck beds, choose a truck bed toolbox that is made of durable material that will not tear or rip easily.

You can also consider general storage boxes for truck beds, which allow you to store smaller items and separate them from other items. You can also consider storage boxes for the interior in the form of smaller containers that fit underneath the truck seats.

Truck bed storage pockets are another unique storage option that will help you make the most of your truck bed, whether it is large or small. Truck bed storage pockets are small compartments that are attached to the sidewalls of the truck bed itself. These pockets will give you much more space to store tools or gear in compartments that are easily reachable. The pockets are excellent for both organization and to keep items from rolling around in the truck bed.

Start Shopping: Truck Storage Boxes or Pockets

Cool Things to Do With a Truck Bed

As a truck owner, you understand that there is so much more you can do with your truck bed than just hauling furniture. There are infinite ways to make it useful and more personalized for your needs. Here are some great ideas on how you can improve your truck bed or use it for other fun activities.

Enjoy a Movie Night

Movie Night

Most people agree that movie nights are the best—and truck beds are the perfect place to rest and watch a movie with friends or family. You can also use the back of the truck bed to prop up a projector screen and gather around it with whoever you please to watch a great movie. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Start Shopping: Projectors

Lounge in a Hammock

Lounge in a Hammock

The truck bed is also a perfect place to prop up a hammock and chill out wherever you may be. There are net hammocks available that hang perfectly from any typical truck bed posts, or they can be tightened around the front and back of the truck bed. Choose a truck bed hammock and you’ll be sipping a drink and hanging out without a care in the world in your very own truck bed.

Start Shopping: Truck Bed Hammocks

Add a Truck Bed Bench or Seats

Truck Bed Bench

Truck bed benches and seats are a great way to haul your truck passengers around, take slow-paced tours of an area, or simply transport your group easily. If you’re out camping and want to head to a lake or another sight nearby, having safe and legal truck bed seating is the way to go. Nothing beats riding through nature with the wind in your hair.

Start Shopping: Truck Bed Benches or Seats

Make a Mobile Pool

Mobile Pool

A truck bed can be easily sealed to create your own personal, mobile pool. Seal the bed with a simple tarp and fill it with a hose to create a perfect and memorable summer getaway wherever you are.

Start Shopping: Mobile Pool

Choose the Best Truck Storage Options for You

A truck is a fantastic vehicle, and it can be improved in a multitude of ways that include more storage space and better organizational systems to improve your experience. We hope you enjoyed our ideas on the many unique ways you can maximize storage space in the cab or bed to make truck ownership even more enjoyable and functional for many years to come!

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