How to Buy Tires Online: Everything You Need to Know Before Making a Purchase

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How to Buy Tires Online
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Tires are one of the essential components of your vehicle. They help you drive safely and protect you from dangerous objects. Buying them online is an excellent idea. It saves time, money, and energy. 

However, there is an overwhelming number of options on the internet. That, in addition to the many scams that perpetuate in online sales, makes buying tires online a balance between research and time.

To maximize your online purchasing success, there are many things you need to know: 

Is it worth the risk? 

What is the best place to buy tires online? 

Where is the cheapest place to buy tires? 

Fortunately, we have consolidated the answers to these questions, so you can learn everything you need to know about how to buy tires online. Before you decide to purchase tires online, consider these strategies:

Is It Worth Buying Tires Online?

Is It Worth Buying Tires Online?

One of the biggest questions people have about tires is if it is worth buying them online. You will want to consider this because it can affect your overall purchase experience and safety. If tires are not purchased as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tires or from an authorized distributor, it may significantly influence performance and safety. Tires are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly, so tires that do not fit will affect ability and performance.

The Benefits of Buying Tires Online


Not only will tires be delivered directly to your door, but you don’t have to spend any time or energy going to a physical store. You don’t have to worry about making an appointment or whether they will even have your tires in stock when you arrive. Buying online is simple, convenient, and gives you complete control of the ordering process from start to finish.

Selection Size

There is more selection when you buy tires online. Having a more extensive selection available means that you can find tires that are perfect for your vehicle and driving needs without being at the mercy of what products are in stock at your local shops. This gives you the ability to make a great choice that is just right for you.

Tire Shipping

Save Money

Buying tires online can save you a significant amount of money. The main reason for this is that online tire sellers have large volumes and get tires at wholesale prices. They can sell them directly to consumers at a lower price. This extra savings on your purchase price is a huge reason more people are buying their tires online. Buying online also allows you instantly compare warranties so you can get exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

Customer Reviews

Another important benefit of buying tires online is the ability to read about the experience of other customers. Most reputable sources will provide access to customer reviews, which can help you make sure the company you choose is reliable and give you valuable information about what tires other customers have selected for their vehicles.


Here are some common questions about purchasing tires online.

How Do I Know I Need New Tires?

There are a few ways tires wear out besides just age. By driving tires at or under their limit of safety in speed and cornering capabilities, tires will suffer premature wear. Driving through standing water can be very hard on tires, especially if the tires were not correct for the conditions. Tires will also lose air pressure over time. If tires have not been rotated, they can also cause premature wear due to uneven stress on tires at opposite ends of the car.

Penny Tire Tread TestTo avoid all these problems and more, it is important to change tires when needed. You may need tires with a tread that is designed for wet driving conditions. Tires tread also determines what kind of traction tires have. If your tires are slipping or you can hear a squealing noise when tires turn, they may need to be replaced due to uneven wear caused by damage in the tire’s tread.

When purchasing tires online, it is a good idea to consider choosing tires that have a wear indicator. These tires will have a thin colored line near the tire’s shoulder that alerts you when tires need to be replaced. Having tires with tread wear indicators can help keep you from driving unsafe tires that may cause damage or blow out while traveling.

You can also deploy the simple penny test to check your tire’s tread wear. When you put a penny in the tread with Lincoln’s head pointing down, his head should dip below the tread. If his head is above the trad line, it’s likely time to replace your tires. Please note: this may not be a good indicator for some trucks, SUVs and winter tires but can be helpful for most passenger cars with all-season tires.

What Size Tires Does My Car Need?

People commonly ask what size tires their cars need. Unfortunately, the average consumer doesn’t know what size tires their vehicles require. Consider using a tool that allows you to identify the tires you need in less than 30 seconds. By knowing the year, make, and model of your vehicle, you can validate the exact size tire you need to make your next online tire purchase.

How Often Should You Change Your Tires?

Many people will recommend tires be changed every three to five years, depending on how often you drive and the conditions in which you drive. Tire performance is based on miles driven and road conditions. As tires are designed to work in different conditions, you should make sure your tires are appropriate for your typical driving conditions.

What Types of Tires Can I Buy Online?

What Types of Tires Can I Buy Online?

All-season: All-season tires are perfect for when you aren’t sure what the season will be. They can be used in harsh climates as well as more mild climates. With all-season tires, safety is not compromised even during demanding weather.

Winter tires: Winter tires provide the best traction in poor driving conditions. In areas where there is only snow and slush, you will need tires explicitly designed for this. Through a special tread pattern and rubber compound, tires can stay flexible to allow them to move easily over slippery surfaces.

Tires with studs: Tires with tiny spikes in their tread can help keep cars on the road during slippery winter conditions. These tires are popular in places with harsh winters, such as Canada and northern parts of the United States.

Summer tires: Summer tires prevent excessive hydroplaning in wet driving conditions and provide better performance on dry roads during warm months or all year if you live in a region that does not experience cool or winter conditions.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Tires Online?

There are three clear categories when it comes to buying tires online. You have the option of purchasing tires through online retailers, directly from tire brands, or from retailers who own physical businesses but also offer online shopping.

Some of the top sources include:

  • Pep Boys – Pep Boys is one of the most popular places to purchase tires online, with over 1 million tires in stock from trusted premium brands. They provide an easy step-by-step buying guide to ensure that you are purchasing the right tires for your vehicle and location. They also offer a 90-day match guarantee. 
  • Tire Rack – Tire Rack is a leading name in online tire retailers that started by placing mail-order ads in car enthusiast magazines. When online retail began to be a serious form of business, they became one of the first retailers to offer online shopping. This website is also a perfect place to learn more information about a wide range of tires and their functions.
  • Discount Tire Direct – One of the most asked questions about how to order tires online is “Where is the cheapest place to buy tires?” If you are someone who likes to get the best bang for your buck, Discount Tire Direct may be a great place to start. Like Tire Rack, they began by placing ads in car enthusiast magazines to sell tires. They currently provide a wide range of brands and can ship your tires directly to you, or they also have several store locations throughout the U.S if you want to check out your options in person. 
  • Tire Buyer – Tire Buyer provides helpful information to make your selection process easier. They have access to numerous warehouses, so they can provide a wide range of tire brands at competitive prices. They can ship tires to your doorstep, to a local tire shop, or professionally install them right in your driveway. 
  • Goodyear – Goodyear is a great resource when you are looking for a specific brand. With this company, you can purchase tires directly from their website, and they will either ship your tires to your home address or a local Goodyear retailer. Direct retailers can be easy for purchasing tires online, but keep in mind that this does limit your options because these retailers will only offer tires from their brand. 
  • Amazon – While relatively new to the business of selling tires, Amazon’s popularity in other markets has made it an ideal choice for online tire shopping. Many companies sell tires at higher prices to factor in shipping rates, but shipping is free with Amazon Prime, which can save you a significant amount of money on your order. However, because this site lists a wide variety of options, their tires range drastically in quality, and it is important to do your research to select the best tires.
    Amazon-business of selling tires
  • Walmart – Walmart has been selling tires for years, and each of their large locations comes equipped with a garage to handle mounting new tires and disposing of the old set. Walmart sells tires through their website and can have them shipped to your door or a local Walmart store. They provide a wide range of tires from name brand to off-brand, so performing research is crucial for getting the right product for your vehicle.

Before you decide which company to use, make sure they offer a 90-day price match. The most reliable retailers also tend to offer several financing options available to ensure customers have a wide variety of selection and affordable options. Making an informed decision on your next online tire purchase could potentially save you time and money.

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