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Essential Car Accessories for 2022

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Car Accessories Everyone Needs

Disclaimer: Some links on this page are affiliate links. We may receive a commission if you make a purchase through these links. See our full disclaimer here.

If you are going to spend some extra time in the car, you want to invest in some products that can help make your time and travels more worthwhile. Here is a list of must-have car accessories you can buy right now to help you and your car get back to living your best lives together. Whether you are taking to the city streets or heading off the grid, some accessories can transform your ride.

Best Car Dash Cameras

As more and more drivers return to the roads, so too do their distractions. That means there are more people on the road, but not necessarily more eyes. You and your car deserve to be protected. While you may not like a back or side seat driver, an extra set of eyes never hurts; in that breath, dash cameras are quickly becoming one of the most useful car accessories. In the event of an accident, that extra set of eyes helps to document what happened so you don’t have to worry about the “he said/she said/they said” that follows.

If you’re new to the dash cam scene and are just looking for something simple to try out, we suggest the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2. Priced on sale at $109, this camera will give you the peace of mind that comes with a dash camera. The front of vehicle (FOV) camera will give you 140 degrees of “eyesight” to add protection to your drive. Recording in 1080p means you won’t miss a detail when you rewatch your footage (which can be downloaded or shared with the simple click of a button in the partner app).

This camera will sit inconspicuously behind your review mirror, so it does not create any new blind spots or windshield distractions. Adding a second layer of safety, this camera will provide drivers with safety features that include lane departure and forward collision warnings. Did we mention this little camera is voice activated? No need to stare down at your phone (the whole point is to eliminate the distractions in the car). This great little camera will give you peace of mind whether you are on a long trip, short trip, or just want to see what the kids did with the car.

Maybe you’re ready to upgrade your dash camera and are looking for something a little more involved. Maybe you are the kind of person that wishes you could fly your drone behind your car the whole way because you want to create an epic video of the experience. Don’t worry; there’s a camera for that too. You’re looking for the Vantrue N4 priced at $259, which will give you everything you will want and more.

With the ability to record in multiple picture quality levels, including 1080p and 4K, you have all the ingredients for the videography you need. The system integrates a 155-degree viewing front camera, a 165 degree inside camera, and 160-degree rear camera that work simultaneously. This camera will work whether you are driving the day shift or the night shift with its integrated night vision. And when you reach your destination and park the car in the hotel parking lot, at the campsite, or on the street in front of a friend or family members’ house, the 24-hour park monitoring will continue to make sure your car is safe.

Whether you are creating the next video montage of your asphalt excursions or you are looking for an added set of eyes to protect you, your family, and your car, then a dash cam should be on your list of essential car accessories for your new car.

Must-Have All Weather Car Mats

For many, a must-have car accessory is a simple umbrella tucked inconspicuously away in some pocket. That is a great safety net to keep you dry, but what about the protection for your car? Sure, your car doesn’t need an umbrella in the rain (probably just some good windshield wipers), but doesn’t it deserve to be kept clean and dry too? We’ve all been in the scenario where your umbrella fails, or even worse, it just isn’t big enough for everyone that needs it, and someone is voted out from underneath only to find themselves left soaking wet. Then they get in the car! Water dripping everywhere.

Or maybe you are the kind of person that cheers at the end of “Back to the Future” when Doc Brown famously says, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads,” because you are thinking about that mudding trip you took to the mountains with your friends over the weekend. But then you remember that you actually have to clean up the mud that is still in your car.

While most seats are easy to clean up, the carpets of the car are left soaked for days. A simple upgrade to your vehicle’s floor mats can easily become one of the best car interior accessories. Offered amongst their long list of parts and accessories for most cars, Oedro Custom Floor Mats are exactly what you need (prices vary based on model).

Using laser measurements, these mats will protect your vehicle from water, dirt, and anything the kids might spill. Using sculpted channels to help trap any debris, these floor mats will create a non-slip surface that keeps everyone safe, whether you are the driver or the passenger. Because they snap into place, they are easily removed to make clean-up a breeze. Odor-free and stain resistant, your car will thank you for these mats for years to come. Backed by a two-year replacement warranty, this investment in your used or new car is an easy decision to make.

If you are off-roading, finding yourself stuck in inclement weather, or taking the kids for ice cream, these mats will have your mind at ease knowing your car is protected.

Order Custom Floor Mats:

Odero Custom Floor Mats

Start Shopping: Floor Mats

Car Laser and Radar Detection

Unfortunately, 2022 wasn’t the full return to normality we were hoping for. However, the release of the new Top Gun is giving us all hope. While we are all excited about the need for speed, no one wants a speeding ticket.

One of the best car accessories for 2022 is the Uniden R7. This handy little device features long range alerts for radar, laser, red-light camera, and speed camera speed detection equipment. Using built-in directional arrows, this gadget will tell you where the signal is coming from while also informing you of the signal strength, so you know how far away the signal is coming from. Marking false alerts is easy with its built-in GPS system. And so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road because you want to be a safe and diligent driver, activated voice commands will keep your interactions hands free.

Instead of just playing a game of “Eye Spy” with the family, use this handy device to add a new game to your road trips and play “Where’s that Coming From,” adding a whole new adventure to your speed abiding, lawful driving journey.

Essential Car Cell Phone Charging

No matter how good the battery of your phone is, having efficient charging is crucial. No one wants to be on the road on 3%. Take that worry off the table by investing in wireless charging – in your car. This gadget is easy to add to any list of essential car accessories. Everything seems to be going wireless in 2022, so it is important that your car keeps up with the times.

For this, we recommend the iOttie Wireless Charger. This charger is equipped for everything you need, including form and function. It boasts Qi certified technology which means it is universal to most phone models. No need to worry about where to put it, this charger can be purchased to attach to your dash, fit in your cup holder, or even mount to an air vent providing you with whichever option is right for you. As an added touch of luxury, the iOttie uses auto sense technology to automatically open and close to snuggly hold your phone. And with the added convenience of an internal battery, you will get a little extra juice in the event of an emergency.

While most wireless car charging options claim they will “fast charge” your device, nothing beats the speed of a straight plug. To truly get a fast charge, look no further than the Nekteck USB Charger.

Using that car lighter plug, you can transform your USB or USB C cord into a fast charging fiend. You will find all the convenience of your plugs at home in your vehicle making it easy to charge all of your devices. Meeting all the safety and usage specifications, this little plug will provide most phones, iPads, laptops, and other devices with all the juice it needs to keep you connected on whatever road you may travel.

Top Car Accessories for Your Truck

There are some items every truck owner should have at the ready, whether they are city-driving or off roading. Here are a few things to keep your truck looking top-notch.

Tonneau Covers

Oedro Tonneau Covers

Oedro Tonneau Covers

You aren’t protecting your whole truck unless you’re protecting the bed, too. Available in both hard and soft covers, tonneau covers seal your truck bed from the elements, be in the worst of winter of the damaging rays of sun.

Start Shopping: Tonneau Covers

Running Boards

Oedro Running Boards

Oedro Running Boards

Running boards are a great marriage of form and function – they amp up any truck and make it easier for you and your passengers to get in and out. No matter how high your ride, a running board keeps you where you need to be.

Start Shopping: Running Boards

Bumper Guards

Bumper Guards

Oedro Bumper Guards

Bumper guards protect your investment. From collisions with animals while you’re off roading to making your truck look more rugged, bumper guards are a wise investment that won’t break the bank.

Start Shopping: Bumper Guards

Get Geared Up With Car Merch

Now that you’ve put some love back into your car, let’s talk about you for a moment. It’s time to add swag to your wardrobe to match your newly upgraded ride. Are you looking for the perfect gift for the car enthusiast in your life? From gear-head stickers and mugs to automotive lifestyle junky hats and classic car t-shirts, there is something for every car lover in our store.We’ve got what you need to show off your love of cars and the open road.

Boost Your Drive This Year with Essential Car Swag

car lovers merch

A car has its own personality, and it matches with that of the driver. These useful car accessories aren’t everything, but they are a way to get you back in the spirit of driving. Whether you’re updating an older model car or truck or making your new ride look good, there’s plenty to check out! Make yourself and your car or truck look good this year and into the future.

The Best Gifts for Car Lovers

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Car Lovers Gifts

Disclaimer: Some links on this page are affiliate links. We may receive a commission if you make a purchase through these links. See our full disclaimer here.

If you have a car lover in your life, you know that overall, car lovers are a fun-loving—yet also relentlessly practical—group. As such, you’ve also likely discovered just how difficult it can be to find a gift that captures both sides of the car lover dichotomy. The result? Entire gift-giving seasons (and birthday and anniversary and the list goes on) that find many car lovers’ loved ones debating whether to go with a fun car gift, a practical solution for an automotive issue—or even something completely unrelated, just to simplify the process.

In most cases, gift-givers struggling to find that perfect gift would simply ask the recipient in question what they’d like the most. Unfortunately, that tactic can open up an entirely different set of problems when it comes to car lovers. When asked what they’d like the most, your favorite car enthusiast is likely to rattle off a list of automotive parts and accessories you may not understand unless you’re a car lover yourself. Even then, car parts can require more of a cost commitment than you’re willing to undertake.

The Perfect Car Enthusiast Gifts

So, what’s someone who loves a car lover to do when it comes to choosing the perfect car enthusiast gift? We’ve searched everywhere for the items that make up this list of ideal car lovers’ gifts, with a focus on capturing that perfect blend of fun and functional. You won’t have to worry about finding a new set of rims or a cold air intake—and best of all, the car lover in your life will receive a gift that truly captures their love for autos.

Here is Our Roundup of the Top 10 Gifts for Car Lovers:

Auto Detail Sprays

Car Cleaning Accessories

The vast majority of car lovers enjoy keeping their ride in great shape, both inside and out. In most cases, this means cleaning and shining the exterior painted finish, metal and plastic accessories, and glass, as well as the interior cloth, leather, plastic, and instrument panels. Build your kit by visiting your local auto accessory store and filling a wash bucket with items like washing soap, chrome polish, plastic restorer, detailing spray, ceramic coating spray, glass cleaner, leather protector, carpet cleaner, and tire shine as well as a wheel cleaning brush, a wash mitt, and microfiber cloths for detailing.

Car Lovers Shirts

Car Lovers’ T-Shirts

Whether your favorite car lover drives a classic VW during the week, a race car on the weekends, or prefers to spend time tinkering in the garage, car lovers’ clothing can fit almost any niche. This fun, word-art-inspired racing tank is perfect for the race enthusiast in your life, while this classic Car Lover shirt suits any car show. From tank top to baseball tee and everything in between, Red Mountain Funding’s merch shop has you covered.

bluetooth receiver

Bluetooth Accessibility

Is the car enthusiast in your life tired of fussing with the tangle of cords required to connect his or her phone to the car stereo? Alternatively, has your car lover recently upgraded to a new phone that lacks the 3.5 mm headphone jack necessary to connect to an auxiliary jack? Upgrading to Bluetooth functionality can solve both problems. With this Bluetooth Aux Adapter from Mpow, you can even avoid an expensive stereo system overhaul—just plug into a car aux port and enjoy!

Uber Appliance

In-car Mini-fridge

If your favorite car lover frequently travels and finds that when they get to their destination, they sorely lack cold, refreshing food and drink, the perfect car gift might just be a miniature refrigerator that can fit in a car. With the Uber Appliance Chill 2.0, your car-loving friend will have a way to keep lunch cool on the way to work or even a few beverages cold for those long weekend car shows. Best of all, there’s no need for a giant cooler full of ice that’s quick to melt in the Arizona heat.

car lovers’ mugs and stickers

Car Lovers’ Accessories

While car lovers can display their affinity for all things automotive while at home, the car show, or the races in the form of everything from clothing to the car itself, bringing that love of cars to work is a bit more complicated. Thankfully, fun car enthusiast gifts like printed car lovers’ mugs and vintage VW stickers allow the car lover in your life to bring a bit of fun to the job while remaining within the dress code. Find one cup for home and one for work to complete the ultimate car lovers’ gift set.

Garmin Speak Plus

Superior Navigation

These days, turn by turn navigation is easier to get than ever, thanks to the rise in popularity of the smartphone. However, then you’re forced to find a place to mount your phone (hard to do in classic cars) and toggle between multiple applications at once while driving. Hands-free navigation can prove a great car lovers’ gift—especially this Garmin Speak Plus that comes complete with Alexa and a dashcam and mounts seamlessly on the windshield itself.

Tile Mate

Car Key Finder Technology

If there’s one thing car enthusiasts share with the rest of us, it’s that constant, nagging, inability to locate car keys when you need them the most. Solve the problem for your favorite car lover with a Tile Mate Essentials Pack. This four-pack of Tile essentials includes the popular keyrings that can be tracked using a phone app or even send out an audible alert when lost. As a bonus, this pack contains different Tile devices for other technologies, wallets, phones, and more.

Avid Power cordless air compressor

Cordless Tire Inflators

Car lovers know the risks of operating on a low tire; unfortunately, people tend to run low on air at the worst possible times or far from a convenient shop and air compressor. Fortunately, this Avid Power cordless air compressor features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and requires no external power source. Another great feature is its auto-stop sensor to prevent overfill.

Ford Mustang

Car Lovers’ LEGO Sets

The perfect car enthusiasts’ gifts for the car lover who’s young at heart, this LEGO Ford Mustang kit will capture the attention of the whole family. Just a bit more modern than a classic model car, but every bit as fun, there are LEGO car models in all makes and models depending on your car lover’s favorites and price range. If a Mustang isn’t their speed, opt for the Jeep or Porsche 911 instead.

Car Lovers Bags

Convenient Car Lovers’ Bags

With all this great car lovers’ gear, your loved one is going to need something to store it all in—whether on the way to work or school, at the race track, or a classic car show. Depending on which of the items you’ve chosen, a fun, graphic drawstring bag may work best. Alternatively, if your car lover often carries a large amount of gear on the go, a printed backpack complete with a padded compartment may be more suitable.

Gifts for Gear Heads Don’t Have to be Boring!

As this list of fun gifts for car lovers’ shows, practical automotive-related gifts don’t have to be boring. Similarly, many of the most fun gifts on the list also serve a useful purpose, showing that you aren’t forced to choose one or the other when shopping for your favorite automotive enthusiast. Best of all, the majority of the gifts on this list will remain useful no matter what upgrades your car lover decides to incorporate into their vehicle—and you may even find a few in our merch shop you’d like to purchase for yourself.

Here at Red Mountain Funding, we’ve built a lifelong love of automobiles that we like to share beyond our car financing and buying services. For more information about auto maintenance, purchasing, and car lifestyle topics of all kinds, visit our blog or contact us today.

NEW at Red Mountain Funding: Our Auto Enthusiast Merch Shop

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Auto Enthusiast Merch Shop

For over twenty years, Red Mountain Funding has worked side by side with residents in the Valley of the Sun, cultivating a relationship with drivers unparalleled by other dealers. We understand just how vital owning a comfortable, dependable automobile is when you live here, and we’ve built a business culture around helping people access the funding to purchase such cars.

Our experience in financing dependable vehicles, our wide selection of affordable autos, and our dedication to helping all – especially those with a negative credit history – purchase the perfect vehicle, has led us to a deeper understanding of what it truly means to own a car in Arizona.

Car Owners Become Car Lovers

In our experience, many Arizona car owners very quickly become car enthusiasts, and the Phoenix metropolitan is a great place to showcase your love for cars. From auto clubs dedicated to a specific make and model to the hot rod and street racing communities, Arizona is full of opportunities to connect with other car lovers.

You can find an overview of the area events on our website here:


Shop for the Perfect Gift for the Gear Head in Your Life 

We are pleased to announce yet another service for Arizona car lovers – our new Car Lovers Merch and Gift Shop.

Our online store allows you to order merchandise directly from our website and have the products shipped anywhere in the United States. Simply shop for the gifts or items you want to buy for yourself and checkout through our online eCommerce store. 

As you’d expect from a financing specialist like Red Mountain Funding, your personal and financial information will remain secure, giving you safe access to car lovers merchandise no matter where you are.

Apparel for the Auto Enthusiast

At Red Mountain Funding, we truly understand the diversity of Arizona drivers. That diversity is perhaps shown best through the vast selection of automotive clubs, events, and communities here in the state. For that reason, we’ve made every effort to showcase a large selection of car lovers’ merchandise so that auto enthusiasts of every kind can find something to express their love for cars to the world.
[thrive_leads id=’645′] If you’re into browsing classic cars and chatting with other enthusiasts at one of Phoenix’s many auto shows, we have a car lover product for you; choose from hats, shirts, backpacks, stickers and more to share your enthusiasm with everyone at the show. Maybe auto clubs where you can mix and mingle with other Corvette, Cougar, Thunderbird or Classic VW owners are more your style – show off your loyalties with a t-shirt or hoodie perfect for your next gathering. Street racers and gearheads, too, will find that our selection of sassy, racing-inspired street wear has a little something for everyone.

Find a Car Lovers Gift, Embrace the Lifestyle

If sharing your love of cars through your own personal style isn’t your thing, you’ll still find plenty of automotive gear in our Car Lovers Merch Shop. Choose from mugs, bags, and more to add that little hint of your favorite pastime to your everyday activities. Or, tell the world just how much you truly love your car with a personalized sticker.

Automotive and car lovers gear make the best gifts for the fellow automotive enthusiast in your life. Stop by the Merch Shop for the best selection of automotive gear of all kinds and make it your one stop shop for your next gift-giving occasion, directly from your friends at Red Mountain Funding.

Come Back for New Car Lovers Gift Ideas 

We at Red Mountain Funding recognize the one of a kind relationship true car enthusiasts have built with their cars. Now, you can share your enthusiasm with the world and with other car lovers with expertly curated merchandise straight from our site. Stay tuned as we design and add new items to our Auto Lovers Merch and Gift Shop… made for the car enthusiast that loves to represent! 

Looking for something specific that you don’t see in our store? Send us a custom car lovers merch request and our design team will work on the best ideas!