Best Used Honda SUVs: What Models and Years Are Most Reliable?

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Best Used Honda SUVs: What Models and Years Are Most Reliable?
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Used Honda CRV

The first year that Honda made its iconic SUV model – the “Honda CR-V” – was 1997, and it debuted a rounded style based more off the emerging styles of sedans, rather than the box-y look that many SUVs still had at the time. This new and unique look helped the Honda CRV to become an instant hit with car buyers. 22 generations later, the 2018 Honda CR-V shows that this model of vehicle is still just as popular.

With Honda CRV models still in high demand, you may want to consider used Honda CRVs, if you are on the search for a reliable, affordable and stylish used SUV in the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

Best Used Honda CRV Years

If you are set on getting a used Honda CR-V for yourself, the first thing you will want to consider is the year the vehicles were made. Different year models have different adjustments made to the base design, and some year models will have certain features and other year models may not.

Additionally, Honda – with its focus on quality and dependability – has made adjustments to safety and fixed known past problems, in certain years. So, if you want to avoid a known problem in older used vehicles, you may want to opt for a certain year-model.

2017 Used Honda CRV

2017 was the year than Honda made big changes to its popular CRV series of SUVs. Changes to the exterior were subtle, preserving the exterior style that made the SUV so popular, but the majority of the changes are to the cabin area. The newly redesigned cabin offers even more luxury with a new dash, even more leg room, and an increase in overall space and cargo room.

Used Honda CRV for Sale in Mesa Arizona


4th Generation Honda CRVs (2012 – 2016) The Most Sought After Used SUV Models

The 4th generation run of Honda CRVs began in 2012. While the size, interior, and engine of the 2012 – 2016 Honda SUVs were similar to past models, this generation boasted a quitter and smoother ride than previous generations. 2015 models also boast increased torque (184 lb-ft), and included all-wheel drive and front wheel drive. Look for the following:

  • Used 2012 Honda CRV LX
  • Used 2013 Honda CRV EX
  • Used 2016 Honda CRV EX-L

Top Years for Used Honda SUVs:

  • 2008 Used Honda CRVs – High MPGs
  • Used 2005 Honda CR-V – High Safety Scores, but limited off-road availability.
  • Used 1999 Honda CR-V – Higher Horsepower, Automatic Transmission, Spacious Interior.
  • Used 2000 Honda CR-V (SE) – Special Edition features leather interior and rides well at high speeds and highway travel.

You can find used Honda SUVs from as little as $3,000 to $11,000, and while you may pay a bit higher of a price tag with Honda CRVs – compared to other SUVs from other manufacturers – that extra cost is for the Honda reliability, durability, safety, and overall value.

Used Honda SUVs are in high demand recently, especially models in the years 2003 – 2008, as Honda was ahead of the curve with making proactive changes in those years; changes that many other manufacturers were hoping to stall for or put off for future years. This means that the used Honda SUvs, from 2003 to 2008 models, offer some features that wouldn’t be seen in other manufacturer’s SUVs until the 2006 – 2012 models.

If you can find great deals on used Honda SUVs, especially Honda CRVs (1997 – 2017), they are highly recommended.

Used Honda Element

Used Honda Element for Sale in Mesa, ArizonaAnother great used Honda SUV for families is the Honda Element. With a distinctive “boxy” look, the Element has an incredibly spacious interior, yet is considered compact in length –being 7 inches than a Honda Civic. This layout makes the Honda Element extremely easy to park and fit into tight spaces – a feature many urban Phoenix residents may appreciate.

If you are looking for an SUV for versatility, the Honda Element is the used car choice for you. The unique design of the Honda Element was created with sports and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. This used SUV can handle day-to-day urban trips, and retire to the hills on the weekends for camping trips and outdoor activities. Models 2005+ even feature waterproof interiors for surfing and watersports enthusiasts.

Best Used Honda Element Years

2003 – 2010 Honda Elements are all make great used SUVs for Arizona car buyers. We recommend looking out for several year-models when searching for Used Honda Elements in Arizona:

Used 2005 Honda Elements

With a price tag averaging $4,350 to $6,399, 2005 Honda Elements feature the first year with standard side airbags – making the 2005 model the choice for overall safety. This is also the model year that Honda made MP3, WMA playback, and XM Radio available.

2007 Honda Elements

2007 models of Honda Elements saw the most updates to the SUVs. New safety changes made it a top choice for safe used vehicles in Arizona, a newly redesigned instrument panel made it more sleek and stylish, the handling is more balanced than ever in the 2007 used Honda Elements models.

Used 2011 Honda Element for Sale in Mesa Arizona


2011 Honda Elements

The final year that the Honda Element was manufactured, 2011 used Honda Elements not only give you a chance to own the last models of this iconic SUV series, but the reliability of used 2011 Honda Elements ensured that the memory of the Honda Element would not fade quickly. This model can easily last you 10+ additional years under the proper care.

Used Honda SUVs for Sale in Phoenix, Arizona

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